Traveler Water Bottle Pipe

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  • Traveler mouthpiece can be attached to any 19 mm – 39 mm sized wine bottles, beer bottles, water bottles, liquor bottles and more.
  • Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe is made of Platinum Cured Silicone material. It’s certified “food safe” for culinary applications and the safety level goes above and beyond FDA approval standards.
  • The Traveler Mouthpiece is solid, durable and safe to use directly.
  • Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe is a perfect trip partner.
  • 6 beautiful colours available.
  • Waxmaid original patent design, any similar models on the market are copied products!
  • What’s included
    Waxmaid Traveler Water Bottle Pipe comes with a 14mm glass bowl.
  • How to make a water bottle pipe with Waxmaid Traveler Mouthpiece?
    Remove the lid of the water bottle,
    2. Assemble the downstem accessories to Traveler Mouthpiece
    3. Attach Waxmaid Traveler Mouthpiece onto the bottle.