Lookah - 13.5" - Double Barrell Bong

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Lookah double-barrel bong has a distinct shape with two large chambers to filter and cool every hit. Like a wild west hero, it's quick to fire up, fast to draw, big-hitting, and will remaining standing firm after all around have been smoked.

A long downpipe drops into the first barrel-shaped chamber terminating with an inline perc running perpendicular to it. With ten slits and a large 3.5-inch long chamber, there are oodles of bubbles and diffusion taking place.

Each end of this barrel chamber has a pair of elegant pipes carrying those plumes of smoke up into the second barrel. With a central corkscrew draining away any excess water, the smoke can accumulate and cool in this spacious chamber. A splashback guard is formed by the hourglass-shaped neck, which leads to a 2-inch wide mouthpiece from which you can suck all that sumptuously filtered smoke and create huge clouds.