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All-in-one and ready to vape, the Ghost XL Disposable represents the ultimate convenience for people trying to replace their smoking habit.  Featuring a wide range of flavours, the Ghost XL Disposable also offers over-inhale protection to guarantee a smooth draw and great ejuice flavor without any burnt hits.  With a 550mAh battery and a 3.2mL pod, expect the Ghost XL Disposable to last about 800 puffs.  Ghost XL disposables are available in single packs.

Disposable vapes make transitioning from cigarettes much easier as they're ready to use out of the box, with no buttons and no pods or liquids to set up. In our experience, the Ghost XL produces far better flavour than most competing disposable devices as well as some open and closed pod systems.  It works exactly as described and we've yet to experience a dry hit ourselves in testing.  This is why we're so excited to bring this device to you.  Bar none, the Ghost XL will be one of the best disposable vapes you've ever tried.



Incredible flavour.  Available in a wide variety of savory flavours, each with 3 nicotine levels to choose from (20mg/mL, 35mg/mL and 50mg/mL). 

Ease of use. Fully charged out of the box and ready for draw-triggered activation. Just inhale and go.

Discreet.  Easy to pocket and take anywhere you go without drawing unwanted attention. No massive clouds here.

Long-Lasting. Comes with 3.2mL of ejuice and 550mAh of battery capacity that will last you all day long for most users.

Peace of Mind. Comes standard with over-inhale and short circuit protection so there are no dry hits giving off any burnt taste.