Envy Glass Dichroic Inline Recycler

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Envy is a sin. But nobody said anything about making others envious. 

Beauty will truly be in the eye of the beholder of this ethereal, otherworldly rig as licks of lights refract its brilliant colors like an ancient opal unearthed from a primordial rockbed. 

That's all thanks to its custom dichro-coated exterior, dazzling and enchanting in new ways from every angle and with every new ray of light. 

The dichroic black and clear diffused inline recycler stands at 10" tall, making a reasonable size for a convenient dab sesh. The 14mm female joint corresponds with a 14mm male banger, and the Envy Script Gold Decal brands the face of the rig

Bask in the awestruck gaze of those all who catch a glimpse of this rig and enjoy what's sure to be a crown jewel of your collection.