Envy Glass 17" Straight Tube with Dual Colored Pop Rocks Perc and Bowl

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Truly taste the explosion in more ways than one with this 17" inch straight tube from Envy Glass, featuring a unique pop rocks perc and bowl.  The colored accents make this bong striking from afar, but upon closer inspection, the textured glasswork in the bowl and perc coordination makes for a beautiful and effervescent design.

The perc practically crackles by itself as smoke and water filters through it, but the results are smooth as butter.  With the triple point ice catch, 18.8mm female joint, and an 18.8mm male slide/bowl, this water pipe has all the basics that make any straight tube great while adding a fun pop to any sesh.

All Envy Glass pieces are made to order. As soon as you say the word, expert artisanal glassblowers fire up the kiln and your work of art is delivered to your door hot off the presses.