Envy Glass - 16" Sandblasted Dichroic Prism Beaker

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Product Description

We love beakers. You can never have too many and they are the classic go-to design for a bong. The Dichro Beakers is a medium-sized piece with minimal filtration and simple features. The beaker design is straight to the point water pipe that gives great hits and looks gorgeous. A beaker is all you need.

This tall, dichro coated Beaker is a sight to behold. The solid construction is evident and the color shifting surface looks different depending on lighting and angle.

Product Specifications

• Height: 16 in
• Base width: 3.5 in
• Takes 10mm male bowls (included)
• 3 in 10mm showerhead downstem
• Triple pinch ice-catch
• 3mm boro Schott glass

Size (inches): 16.0
Size (mm): 305.0